TASTY Patch Set
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TASTY Patch Set

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Pimp up your gear with our Embroidered Iron or Sew on Patches. A cute little pack, complete with exclusive KingPin Badges branding and instructions, perfect as a gift or to keep all for yourself.

There’s also free UK Shipping on our patches (and low cost shipping everywhere else in the world).

In this set, you’ll find 3 tasty patches:
- Lips  (5cm x 3.4cm)
- Cherries (3cm x 4cm)
- Doughnut (3.7cm x 3.7cm)

Arrange them all together, or use them on different projects.

All of our patches have adhesive applied to the back ready to be ironed on, however you can also just use a few stitches if you don’t want to make things too permanent.

Instructions for use:
Place item to be patched on firm ironing board.
Position patch with adhesive side on the item.
Place a cloth over the embroidered side of the patch.
Set iron to a cotton or high temp setting.
Firmly press iron over the cloth for 10 to 20 seconds.
Remove cloth from item. Do not touch
patch or item until adhesive has completely cooled.
If patch starts to peel off, repeat steps
above or alternatively you can sew on or use some fabric glue.
Hand wash items only!

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