Rup & Forn Creative was founded in Scotland in 2014 from a passion of creativity and design and a big handful of arts and crafts thrown in for good measure. Our theme is all about the letters, and we love words and shapes too so we design, make and/or source our products to fit that theme. We are also a little obsessed with lighting too, so we've tried to turn as many of our designs into cool, quirky pieces for the home. A lot of our pieces have been used for props, displays, weddings etc and we're more than happy to chat to you if you have a custom order in mind.
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In 2018, Rup & Forn Jnr decided to jump on board and KingPin Badges was born. Our pin collections are quickly expanding with new designs being added every month. What we love about KingPin Badges is that if we haven't made it ourselves, you should know that we've worked with the coolest pin designers around to bring you what we believe to be the best pins and badges!
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Our latest addition to the family is We Heart Mandalas and if you're a fan of TikTok, perhaps you've already seen us and our creative process? If not, go check us out @weheartmandalas. We love drawing, especially Mandalas and in 2019 decided to get creative. We've converted a small batch of our designs into Animal Mandala Wall Art and they are gorgeous! We love them and we know you will too!
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